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Complete the CVC Word

Reception Resource

Here is the free game

There are ten word lists with over 100 CVC words.

Ten words are randomly selected from a list of fifteen words. The teacher can then work through each word in turn, with pupils picking a tail that succesfully completes the CVC word. The tail is then dragged onto the donkey to make a complete word.

The list can be hidden or shown to help students find the right tail.


Learning Objectives

This resource supports the following learning objectives from the National Literacy Strategy:


The following word lists are used with this resource:

List one: bar, joy, lax, mop, mat, rod, sag, rib, sow, tin, tom.

List two: bin, cox, far, fit, hid, jam, low, may, sob, sip,wig.

List three: cap, cod, fur, roy, mob, pug, sat, sew, tax, tim, win.

List four: bow, fin, ham, hit, hod, hug, jar, lay, map, tub, vex.

List five: bad, boy, sir, cat, rob, fix, fun, gum, rap, tag, tow, yes

List six: box, bus, cub, her, hot, lad, lip, rag, row, bay, sum, ton.

List seven: dim, has, lag, rat, cob, row, jay, run, sad, sap, tar, wax.

List eight: bag, bid, cab, for, gas, lap, man, mix, raw, rim, say, wit.

List nine: dew, dot, fox, was, hop, pig, pod, ran, rub, rum, car, toy.

List ten: bat, dab, few, gap, gun, hum, mad, peg, six, war, his, way.


Complete the CVC word: pin the tail on the donkey