Typing Games

To help practice your new typing skills, here are a few short typing games. To improve your skills you should try to make as few mistakes as possible and concentrate on accuracy over typing speed.

For the random letters, the natural distribution of letters in English is used. i.e. letters that appear more often in writing will appear more often in the random selection.

Have fun!

Keyboard game

This simple game shows the full keyboard and highlights a letter at random. You have 30 seconds to type as many keys as possible.

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Pop Up Letters

In this game, the keyboard is hidden and the letters pop up one at a time. The key locations mathc their position on the keyboard.

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Three Strikes

Three strikes and you're out! This game is not against the clock. Play until you may three mistakes and then it is game over. Try to beat you best score.

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Speed Test

Type a short passage of text (Selected at random from well-know books) and measure your typing speed. We suggest trying this first and then revisiting it to see your progress as you work through the lessons.

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