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Phoneme Jigsaws

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Resource

Here is a demonstration of the software

There are seven word lists for this phoneme frame, with over 130 different words.

Each word is split into the component phonemes and displayed as random jigsaws pieces. Pupils can then drag the puzzle pieces onto the bar to correctly spell the word.

The teacher can then advance on to the next word in the chosen list.

Learning Objectives

This resource supports the following learning objectives from the National Literacy Strategy:


The following word lists are used with this resource:

List one: cat, can, map, sack, man, bag, hat, top, sock, mop, dog, box, doll, shop.

List two: bed, leg, bell, pen, shed, fish, chips, ship, wing, nut, cup, duck, sun, mug.

List three: brush, black, clock, cross, flag, frog, dress, glad, green, plan, pass, stop, spell, slip, smell, skip, swim, trap, twin.

List four: self, disk, end, next, lift, jump, must, sent, held, melt, help, milk, bank.

List five: chain, rail, keep, cried, tried, road, boat, spoon, tool, cloud, found, bird, first, car, hard, born, fork, coin, spoil.

List six: make, name, page, date, save, teach, team, eat, speak, find, nine, drive, light, twice, hole, roll, told, most, broke, stone, hope, tube, huge.

List seven: dark, brown, growl, south, push, could, drawn, turn, learn, term, point, toy, bear, dare, hair, stair, near, dear, book, stood.


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