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Phoneme Count

Reception and Year 1 Resource

Here is the free game

This activity involves identifying and counting the number of phonemes for 60 words.

For each word, the teacher can show the word for a short time before hiding it. The children are then given the opportunity to say the word and then count the number of phonemes present.

Once the number of phonemes has been identified, the word is simply dragged and dropped onto the corresponding box at the bottom of the screen. A short message indicates if the count is correct.

Learning Objectives

This resource supports the following learning objectives from the National Literacy Strategy:


The following word lists are used with this resource:

List one: dogs, with, cash, chips, thin, at, fish, shut, in, ash, eggs, rich

List two: well, add, crash, thin, think, thing, thrush, sprint, edge, crab, itch, at

List three: web, scrub, match, spend, it, still, crack, ash, scrunch, hiss, spring, up

List four: queen, sail, tooth, toast, ground, thorn, sprint, wish, throat, match, stool, chain

List five: day, know, bright, mind, scream, space, most, mind, shame, stretch, twice, shy


Phoneme Count: word lists
Phoneme Count: Sounds
Phoneme Count: Hide the word
Phoneme Count: 'Well done' message