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Year 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Resource

Here is the free game

There are five lists of prefix words with a total of 160 words.

Ten words are selected at random from a selected list and then each word is split into the prefix and the root word.

Pupils can then drag a word and a prefix into the box at the bottom of the screen. The word can then be checked to see if it is correct. Correct words are removed and incorrect ones are reset back into their original position.

A list of all the words that are correctly identified is recorded and can be seen (and printed out) by clicking on Summary.

A matching pairs game based on prefixes is also included as part of this pack.

Learning Objectives

This resource supports the following learning objectives from the National Literacy Strategy:


The following word lists are used with this resource:

Year 3 = unable, unwell, unhappy, untidy, untrained, unlucky, unpopular, unpick, unseen, unusual, undo, untie, unzip, unfair, unsafe, unsure, uncertain, dislike, disappoint, disappear, disagree, disconnect, dishonest, disobey, disinfect, destroy, depend, denounce, decide, replay, rewrite, repay, revisit, return, replace, recycle, rebuild, rebound, reenter, reveal, review,pretend, preview, prepare, prefix, predict.

Year 4 = misbehave, miscalculate, misplace, miscount, misfire, misfortune, mishear, misread, mistake, exterior, exclaim, exchange, explode, exit, almighty, alone, almost, already, always, altogether, also, although, adjective, adverb, admire, advance, advise, advent, addition, adjoin, minibeast, minibus, miniskirt, miniature, miniscule, minicomputer.

Year 5 = unseen, ungrateful, uncertain, uneasy, unsympathetic, pretext, preview, pretend, presume, prehistoric, previous, prefer, prevent, reappoint, reveal, remember, refuel, repeat, reconsider, reply, replay, redesign, transplant, transatlantic, translate, transparent, transport, transfer, transmit, uneven, review, repair, prepare.

Year 6 = illiterate, illuminate, illustrate,illegal, irresistable, irritate, irregular, improbable, impolite, impatient, impossible, impractical, immobile, immature, inaccurate, inconvenient, incapable, indecent, inactive, unequal, biplane, bilingual, bifocals, bicycle, bisect, biceps.

Year 7 = autograph, autobiography, automatic, autopsy, automobile, television, telescope,telephone, sustain, suspend, suspicion, suspense, suspect, propeller, proceed, propose, produce, provide, project.


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