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Phoneme Bingo Card Generator

Year 4, 5, and 6 Resource

Here is the free game

The Bingo game is accompanied by a card generator. This prints out randomly generated bingo cards using the same word lists. Choose between 4, 6 or 8 words per card and between 2, 3 or 4 cards per page.

Learning Objectives

This resource supports the same learning objectives from the National Literacy Strategy as the Bingo game, i.e.


The following word lists are used with this resource:

List one: sing, rang, rung, ring, song, dump, damp, dent, desk, disk, whip, win, wish, will, well, loss, luck, lock, lick, lack.

List two: shock, sock, sick, sack, shack, stick, sting, sing, sling, swing, glass, gruff, grub, glad, grid, sledge, stuff, stiff, sniff, still.

List three: flesh, fresh, fed, Fred, fled, went, west, whisk, wind, wimp, hunt, hulk, hand, hump, held, mint, milk, mist, musk, must.

List four: bite, bike, like, life, kite,light,pipe, wide, might, mile, mind, mine, write, ripe, ride, hide, slime, side, strike, smile.

List five: coke, code, coast, cold, coal, groan, ghost, goat, gold, goal, mode, most, moat, moan, mole, stone, stroke, stole, stroll, strode.

List six: few, fume, fruit, flute, fuse, broom, blue, bruise, brute, boot, Sue, school, spoon, stool, stew ,roof, rude, root, roost, rule.

List seven: rule, roll, reel, rail, rake, wrist, rust, roost, roast, raced, rot, root, wrote, right, rate, rid, rude, road, ride, raid.

List eight: fright, foot, fort, feet, fight, cry, crawl, cream, cloak, crown, chest, cheap, charm, chain, cheat, brand, brain, broom, brown, bright.



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